Episode 68: Together Again Like Peas & Carrots

peascarrotsCan you believe it ! Yes it’s a real Forest Gump moment, the revolutionists are finally back together again just like peas and carrots . They are back to their best discussing :

The Agile Revolution-68 (53 minutes)


One thought on “Episode 68: Together Again Like Peas & Carrots

  1. I’m still listening, that’s what podcast subscriptions are good for. I just started subscribing last year, and want to say thanks for a great podcast. I’m just under halfway through, but thought the discussion on “The Dark Side of Scrum” was right on. It’s on my mind a lot lately since I’m helping an organization that started “doing” Agile a couple of years ago focusing on practices, not values and principles. As a result there’s quite a bit of Agile exhaustion in the org. I recently wrote about how when approaches to Agile are done well teams suffer: Agile is the promise of a tropical paradise with the risk of a desolate, barren island when the focus is on the wrong thing – http://www.practicingagile.com/agile-island/.

    Thanks again for the podcast. Looking forward to the rest during tomorrow’s commute.

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