Episode 85: Scrum Australia 2014 Vox Pop

ScrumAusTony and a sometimes over-modulated Craig (with Renee popping up from time to time) roam the floor at lunchtime at Scrum Australia in Sydney and talk to some interesting Scrum folks along the way about their thoughts on the conference and the Scrum community in general:

TheAgileRevolution-85 (40 minutes)


Episode 54: YOW 2012 DevOps with Ben Hogan and Peter Moran

Ben Hogan & Peter MoranStill getting through some of the fantastic speakers at YOW! 2012, in today’s episode Renee speaks to Ben Hogan (@agileben) and Peter Moran (@petermoran) about all things DevOps including:

  • REA‘s DevOps journey for the home ideas team
  • Hooroo’s DevOps journey
  • Continuous Deployment
  • Advantages of co-locating the DevOps people into the teams
  • Distributed teams
  • Amazon and Engine Yard server farms
  • Callenges of DevOps – people or technological?
  • Innovation
  • Change to testing

Thankyou to the YOW! 2012 conference for inviting The Agile Revolution to record podcast interviews at the conference!

TheAgileRevolution-54 (27 minutes)