Episode 54: YOW 2012 DevOps with Ben Hogan and Peter Moran

Ben Hogan & Peter MoranStill getting through some of the fantastic speakers at YOW! 2012, in today’s episode Renee speaks to Ben Hogan (@agileben) and Peter Moran (@petermoran) about all things DevOps including:

  • REA‘s DevOps journey for the home ideas team
  • Hooroo’s DevOps journey
  • Continuous Deployment
  • Advantages of co-locating the DevOps people into the teams
  • Distributed teams
  • Amazon and Engine Yard server farms
  • Callenges of DevOps – people or technological?
  • Innovation
  • Change to testing

Thankyou to the YOW! 2012 conference for inviting The Agile Revolution to record podcast interviews at the conference!

TheAgileRevolution-54 (27 minutes)


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