Episode 176: The Lost Tapes – Kanban For One with Sandy Mamoli

In this previously lost and unreleased podcast from 2012 (we found it on a SD card that was thought to be lost forever), Craig catches up with Sandy Mamoli at Agile 2012 in Dallas, Texas and chat about Personal Kanban and how everything is bigger in Texas. It’s amazing how much hasn’t changed in this time!

TheAgileRevolution-176 (14 minutes)


Episode 48: Declan (Not Dexter)

Declan WhelanAt Agile 2012 in Dallas, Texas, Craig chats with Declan Whelan, a Canadian Agile Coach at LeanIntuit, the CTO and co-founder of a new startup called Printchomp and a newly elected member of the Agile Alliance board. Amongst other things we talk about pair coaching, running a Lean Startup, the direction of the Agile Alliance and the future of Agile.

His talk at Agile 2012 (with Alistair McKinnell) was entitled “Simple Design Applied: Spend More Time Creating Valuable Code“. Look out for a longer video interview with Declan on InfoQ.

TheAgileRevolution-48 (25 minutes)

Episode 47: $#*! Adam Weisbart Says

Adam WesibartCraig chats with Adam Weisbart as he tries to enjoy his breakfast at Agile 2012 in Dallas, Texas. When not eating toast, he is creating awesome stuff for the Agile community at his website, teaching Scrum courses or coaching teams at CollabNet. His talk at Agile 2012 was entitled “Agile Antipatterns: The Agilist’s Guide to Traps, Tripwires and Treachery“. Look out for a longer video interview with Adam Weisbart on InfoQ.

TheAgileRevolution-47 (19 minutes)

Episode 46: Raccoon Scout

Peter SaddingtonCraig chats with Peter Saddington (an Agile Coach and Consultant who is probably best known as the face behind Agile Scout) at Agile 2012 in Dallas, Texas about Agile in the US Military, the top lists on Agile Scout, his newly rewritten book “The Scrum Pocket Guide” and the state of Agile (or “Raccoon”!)

Peter is also the Co-Founder of Action & Influence and his upcoming book “The Agile Pocket Guide” will be released via Wiley in late 2012. His talk at Agile 2012 was entitled “Scaling Product Ownership at the US Air Force“. Look out for a longer video interview coming soon on InfoQ.

TheAgileRevolution-46 (13 minutes)

Episode 45: Team Wikispeed

Joe JusticeCraig chats with Joe Justice from Wikispeed at the Agile 2012 conference about extreme manufacturing and using Agile for social good to create a 100 mile per gallon car.

Joe is the founder, CEO and team leader at Wikispeed (by night) and an Agile Consultant for SolutionsIQ (by day).

From Agile 2012
From Agile 2012

You can also view Joe’s Q&A and keynote from the Agile 2012 conference, as well as his interview with InfoQ.

TheAgileRevolution-45 (27 minutes )

Episode 42: Agile 2012 Days 3 and 4

Agile 2012Days 3 and 4 at the Agile 2012 conference in Dallas. In between roaming the corridors and talking people for the podcast (look for upcoming recordings) and video interviews for InfoQ, he attended a bunch of sessions and mingled at the after dark events.

In-depth notes can be found on Craig’s blog.

TheAgileRevolution-42 (14 minutes)

Episode 40: Agile 2012 Day 1 plus The Agile Samurai

Agile SamuraiDay 1 at the Agile 2012 conference in Dallas was workshop day. Craig recaps the sessions he attended and has a quick chat with Jonathan Rasmusson about his Agile Inception Deck workshop and his book The Agile Samurai amongst other things.

In-depth notes can be found on Craig’s blog.

TheAgileRevolution-40 (14 minutes)