Episode 11: Dr. Smith is in the Pod!

Adrian SmithToday’s podcast with Tony, Renee and Dr Adrian Smith as our guest whilst Craig is on holidays in America dodging hurricanes and earthquakes.


“Amateurs work until they get it right. Professionals work until they don’t get it wrong.”

TheAgileRevolution-11 (45 minutes)


Episode 10: Day 5 at Agile 2011 Salt Lake City

Agile 2011The last day of the Agile 2011 Salt Lake City conference where Craig talks about Kevlin Henney’s presentation of Functionality being an asset and code is a liability and Linda Rising’s presentation of The Agile mindset.

TheAgileRevolution-10 (5 minutes)

Episode 9: Day 4 at Agile 2011 Salt Lake City

Agile 2011Craig spent the day milling around a number of presentations today and talks about how technologies link together, delighting customers, visualisations, ATTD for start-ups, Jeff Patton’s User Story Mapping and flirting with your customer.

TheAgileRevolution-9 (7 minutes)

Episode 8: Day 3 at Agile 2011 Salt Lake City

Agile 2011Craig covers his daily highlights of the third day at the Salt Lake City Agile 2011 conference:

TheAgileRevolution-8 (6 minutes)