Episode 11: Dr. Smith is in the Pod!

Adrian SmithToday’s podcast with Tony, Renee and Dr Adrian Smith as our guest whilst Craig is on holidays in America dodging hurricanes and earthquakes.


“Amateurs work until they get it right. Professionals work until they don’t get it wrong.”

TheAgileRevolution-11 (45 minutes)



One thought on “Episode 11: Dr. Smith is in the Pod!

  1. I missed a few things that I wanted to get across on the liminting Work In Progress (WIP) front due to a battery flashing warning messages every two seconds: – You always have roadblocks in a project. If you hit one and dont have enforced WIP limits then commonly what happens is you pick up a new card and just work around the roadblack. When you do have WIP limits in place the roadblock becomes a major issue and is a stong focus for the team to remove. This is one reason why I love limiting WIP, because it forces the team to concentrate rather than ignore issues.- The easiest way to limit WIP is to make up say two avatars for the team members. At any point in time you have can a person’s avatar on two cards, any cards without avatars should not be inside the flow as they aren’t being actively touched.- Kanban changes the limit WIP away from avatar focussed to flow focussed and limits the number of stories in a state or activity. This enables you to focus on the theory of constraints and specialisations.

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