Episode 76: Agile Australia 2014 Vox Pop #1

AgileAus2014At Agile Australia 2014 in Melbourne, Craig and Tony grabbed the microphone and scoured the conference foyer in one of the breaks looking for interesting people in the Australian Agile community to ask them about what they are working on and their views of the conference.

The people they harassed include:

  • Maxime Groenewoud – Project Manager, enjoyed hearing about new practices including microservices architecture
  • Nigel Dalton – CXO at REA Group, Agile Australia advisor, highlight of the conference was an Ellen DeGeneres moment getting a selfie with Brant Cooper, excited to hear about holocracy at Zappos, at REA have been disrupting through bringing virtual reality to real estate, “there is one innovative startup in real estate in Australia each week!”
  • Steve Lawrence – Agile Coach and Agile Australia stream chair – has been watching the scaled agile debate and the learnings allowing us to take the message into the business
  • Paul Detheridge – Executive Coach at Shibusa – need to set the ecosystem up well at the executive level, huge opportunity outside of software
  • Tom Sulston – Thoughtworker and Agile Australia stream chair – enjoyed Adel Smee talk on Nice Pairing and Martin Fowler keynote on ethics of software development
  • Nish Mahanty – Program Manager at RMIT University – interested in gaining new insights and reconnecting with the community
  • Michael Stange – Agile Coach at IOOF – always enjoys the discussions in the hallway
  • David Brough-Smyth – Agile Coach – enojoyed Jim Benson keynote on lean thinking and visualisation and adapting the good parts of the toolkit
  • Renee Troughton – Agile Revolutioner and needs no introduction!

TheAgileRevolution-76 (25 minutes)