Episode 189: The Alistair Cockburn Fan Club with Martin Kearns

Tony and Craig are at Agile Australia in Melbourne and they (finally) catch up with Martin Kearns, the Chief Digital Officer at Innodev and co-organiser of Scrum Australia, and they chat about:

  • Alistair Cockburn gets mentioned at around the 2:30 minute mark, and Martin was responsible for first bringing him to Australia
  • Being coached is being open to an experience you aren’t controlling
  • Certified Agile Leadership
  • Agile is always going to hurt, need to prepare for pain and enjoy it
  • Australia 2030: Prosperity through Innovation – need to understand the environmental factors that are forcing Agility into organisations
  • Knowledge of customers is more superior than ever before – due to education and social intelligence (Target inappropriate clothing for children)
  • VUCA is here to stay – accept that you need to listen
  • Australia Post is a good agile example organisation – reinvented themselves through identity services, travel insurance, etc
  • Australian government has a greater openness to Agile than the private sector – Energy Safe Victoria understand purposefulness
  • FailAgility
  • Agile Contracts

TheAgileRevolution-189 (29 minutes)


Episode 105: The Flux Interview

maxnathanRenee flies solo on this one and takes the opportunity to delve into the intersection of Agile and politics and interview the founders of voteflux.org, Max Kaye and Nathan Spataro and finds out:

  • Whar exactly Flux is – Technology , Political Party , Crowd source solution?
  • The outstanding vision and purpose for Flux as well as the how, what and who’s of perhaps the future of politics and voting

TheAgileRevolution-105 (38 minutes)