Episode 55: YOW! 2012 with Zach Holman

Zach HolmanOur last YOW! 2012 interview, Craig and Renee have a talk to Zach Holman (@holman) from Github and chat about:

  • The open source model – what is it?
  • Meeting hate crimes
  • Scaling organisational size
  • Culture spreading outside of programming
  • Being agile without being Agile
  • Being enabled to make change
  • Hack houses
  • Working less makes better code
  • Internal value adding tools
  • Innovation and 20% time
  • The challenge of working in teams

Thankyou to the YOW! 2012 conference for inviting The Agile Revolution to record podcast interviews at the conference!

TheAgileRevolution-55 (30 minutes)


4 thoughts on “Episode 55: YOW! 2012 with Zach Holman

  1. Hi guys,I really like your podcast but it’s really hard to follow with the noise (music, mumbling) in the background. Especially if you try to follow the podcast during a bike ride. :-)Have you tried https://auphonic.com/ ?Best regards,Alex

  2. Good podcast…but music at the background was very distracting…please don’t include background music in future podcasts

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