Episode 50: YOW! 2012 Day 1 Wrap Up

YOW! 2012Craig, Renee and Peter Sellars (from Auckland, New Zealand) talk about their first day at the YOW! 2012 Software Developer Conference, chatting about the speakers that they listened to and their thoughts on them including:

TheAgileRevolution-50 (39 minutes)


3 thoughts on “Episode 50: YOW! 2012 Day 1 Wrap Up

  1. Thanks for getting this up prior to Don Reinersten’s presentation in Auckland next week. Really enjoyed the conference and recording this podcast. Now I not only enjoy and benefit from the podcast, I have now contributed – even if it was only ‘nodding’! 🙂

  2. No problems – I thought I would try to give you as much time as possible to get the word out as he is definitely worth the listen! – Renee.

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