Episode 14: Quoting Agile, Lean & Kanban

Quotable KanbanCraig, Tony and Renee talk about Lean Startups, Tony’s Agile training in India and great places to work, discuss Quotable Kanban and solve a listener problem, all in 50 minutes!

Renee also mentioned Kanban by David J. Anderson, Craig mentioned Kanban and Scrum: Making The Most of Both by Henrik Kniberg and Tony not to be outdone mentioned Lean From The Trenches (Beta) by Henrik Kniberg

Problem Bag:

We have a Product Mgr who’s supportive of Agile in theory, but wont do the work we need him to do. How do we manage that? eg not being available for to discuss stories (often away) & the highest priority work is the customer who screams loudest… rather than product progression, we do a lot of tweaks & minor bug fixes. Yes we do showcases, after each 2 wk sprint. Alternatively, is that a problem, or are we as a team expecting too much? (just to turn it around!) 🙂 – Phil Kan


“”I’m going to the restroom. Do you need anything from there?” (but in my mind I was thinking I was headed to the kitchen!) #CEOQuoteOfTheDay @sumaya”

TheAgileRevolution-14 (51 minutes)


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