Episode 7: PMOs and Insert Fibonacci Sequence Here

FibonacciToday’s podcast with Tony, Renee and Charles as our guest whilst Craig is furiously doing podcasts direct from Agile 2011, cover the following topics:


 “I’m a snowflake” – Charles Randles

“DFWTWTITOW – Dont F* With This We Tried It The Other Way” – Alistair Cockburn

“I see dead code”

“Everyone wants to be Agile and too few people want to do it”

“Stop trying to standardize, there is no ‘one true way’ of developing software” 

“For Scrum to work you don’t just need management buy-in, but management leading”

“Kent Beck originally called stories stories because they were meant to be heard”

“You don’t solve problems with design documentation you solve them with elegant solutions”

“Agile is also about moving from a problem oriented culture to a solution oriented organisation”

TheAgileRevolution-7 (48 minutes)


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