Episode 153: The Great Lean Debate – Live from LAST Brisbane 2018

Stephanie BySouth is the MC of the Great Lean Debate, a fun session recorded live at LAST Brisbane 2018. Ryan McKergow, Shane Hastie, Renae Craven are the “Legendary Agile Sh*t-talkers” team and Craig Smith, Mel Khim and Karyl Crick are the “Getting Agile Sh*t Done” team.

The topics are:

  • Scaling frameworks
  • Estimates vs No-Estimates
  • You can be a Product Owner and a Scrum Master

TheAgileRevolution-153 (37 minutes)


Episode 110: Every Voice Engaged via Games with Luke Hohmann

lukehCraig joins guest co-host Shane Hastie to talk with Luke Hohmann, author of “Innovation Games”, founder and CEO of Conteneo, Inc. and co-founder of Every Voice Engaged at the Agile 2015 conference after his inspirational opening keynote and they chat about:

  • Luke’s opening keynote “Awesome Superproblems
  • Innovation Games – the book, the training, the games
  • also author of the “Beyond Software Architecture” book
  • how to sell games to your boss, the goal is not the game but the outcome
  • great resource for learning games is Tasty Cupcakes
  • with serious games, we don’t use the word “fun”, we use the word “engagement”
  • epic scale games with the City of San Jose to solve prioritisation problems, this resulted in the formation of Every Voice Engaged
  • our roots are “agilists” not “methodologists”, as a result we have capacity to solve larger problems
  • “you can’t read a bike”, so we need simulations to help understand Agile
  • engagement trumps the communication mechanism, especially video
  • play two games to change the world, because the world needs us!

TheAgileRevolution-110 (24 minutes)