Episode 19: Luna Tractor with Nigel Dalton

Nigel DaltonNigel Dalton from Luna Tractor in Melbourne gives us the low down of his presentation from the YOW! Developer Conference in Brisbane.

A brief summary of the discussions include

  • how Agile was at play in the aerospace and military world since World War II
  • business strategies and how Agile can help us rapidly adapt to commercial changes
  • Lonely Planet‘s agile journey including it not just being for software development
  • fail quickly, be safe to fail
  • for agile to grow further we need to focus less on commercialising or packaging it tightly into a box
  • culture and behavioural habits
  • consulting in Agile
  • developers working in harmony and a focus on strong collaboration with the business; and team sizes
TheAgileRevolution-19 (40 minutes)

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