Episode 17: Bad Smell Bingo

BingoWith Tony MIA, Craig and Renee talk about bad smells, geek stuff and daily retrospectives:

Bad Smell Bingo for stand-ups:

  • Starts late
  • Not everyone turns up
  • Not enough of a quorum
  • Not standing up
  • Running over 10 minutes (too long)
  • No focus on roadblocks
  • Not touching cards
  • No understanding/association to a story
  • Talks too long (particular individual)
  • Not focussing on the three questions (What I did yesterday, What I plan on doing today and roadblocks)
  • No consistency in the way it is run
  • Too big
  • Directed to PM
  • Directed to IM/Scrum Master
  • Conversations are not off-lined
  • Conversations are off-lined too quickly
  • Risks to delivery not understood
  • No one volunteers to help
  • Too short/not meaniful enough
  • Too boring/monotonous
  • Run like a progress report
  • Functionally unrelated teams doing the standup together
  • Too many people talking at once or no stick
  • Not talking about actions for retrospectives
  • People don’t want to be there/been told to turn up

and we missed (bad smells for story walls not included)

  • Customer never/rarely turns up
  • PM unpredictably turns up and then asks questions that they could have known if they turned up to previous sessions

How to run a Bad Smell Practice Bingo game yourself:

  1. Get your team into a room. Each person needs a single piece of paper and a pen.
  2. Choose a practice to focus on.
  3. Give everyone 3-4 minutes to brainstorm bad smells associated with this practice.
  4. Randomly choose a person to go first, they read out one item on their list.
  5. If you have the item on your list give it a tick.
  6. Go around clockwise from the first person, each person reads out one of the items on their list. Continue to tick off items on your own list if you have it as it is read out.
  7. If you have 10 ticks yell Bingo!
  8. Profit.


TheAgileRevolution-17 (46 minutes)


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