Episode 97: 3 Things, 3 Letters (Git, CTO, MBA) with Peter Bell

PeterBellAt YOW! Conference, Craig has a chat with Peter Bell, a contract member of the GitHub training team, co-founder of CTO School and the founder of the Startup CTO Summit series and they talk about approaches to learning Git, building better CTO’s and digital literacy for MBA’s.

  • YOW! 2014 talk “How To Undo Almost Anything with Git
  • Balance the appropriate batch size for communicating with your team the work you have completed versus the appropriate batch size for if you mess up you can easily go back – this is typically 2-10 lines of code to the local repository
  • Most teams just need a master branch that is always releasable and all work done on feature branches that are merged into master
  • training.github.com – training options and a number of great resources
  • Learning Git – not easy to learn on the job, balance of basic how to use Git versus a deeper understanding of how and why it works to avoid messing things up
  • CTO Summits run across the world – help people who lead engineering teams to build better software and build software better
  • CTO School started in New York but now runs around the world as a not-for-profit and has built a CTO network
  • CTO’s deal with the same high level decisions around technology that most of us do, but overlapping with how to build better product and how to build a better engineering team brand that the best technologists would want to to work for
  • Don Reinertsen wrote the best book on how Agile works “The Principles of Product Development Flow” – but it is not very accessible
  • Colombia University Graduate School of Business – teaching MBA and EMBA students how to learn about digital literacy and big data which is really how to hire and manage developers when you are not one which is the best nuggets from Agile and Lean that are accessible for a business audience
  • GitHub – create the repository and make your team collaborators – if you cannot understand the gist of the commit messages you have a problem
  • For the business, business leaders can learn a lot from basic Kanban, user stories, doing the riskiest thing first, using tools like SBE to create meaningful specifications

TheAgileRevolution-97 (31 minutes)